Why 0frills reseller

Why 0frills reseller

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage

We keep adding 1GB space per account that you own/resell, to the pool of resources your account has, every month. You are then free to use/resell this space to your customers as per your configured packages

Unlimited Traffic

Unmetered Traffic

You will never have the nightmare that you have a visitor and your website is not accessible as it has reached its traffic limit

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited websites

You can host as many websites as you ideate

Unlimited Databases

Unlimited Databases

Now-a-days, most websites are dynamic. And we ensured that you will never be short of databases

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited Emails

You can create as many emails as you wish for your domain

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Update your websites as frequently as you wish

0 Plan

You create your own packages

We offer only the resources of our best plan, the "0 plan" which includes everything that your customer's website will ever need. You are free to repackage the resources as you wish

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Unlimited features

Clientexec customer manager

Addon Clientexec customer management solution to your hosting package and professionally manage your customers

  • Auto deployment
  • Customer support
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Lot more...!
Powerful servers

Powerful Servers

We have powerful servers with excellent connectivity to wordwide networks to give your website's visitors a fast viewing experience

  • Powerful Intel/AMD processors
  • Unmetered Gbps connections
  • Monitored from multiple locations

DirectAdmin web control panel

Hosting control panel to give you and your customer's the confidence that managing your website is always at their fingertips. We will also give you the reseller interface access for your business

  • DNS & subdomain Management
  • Files & database manager
  • Manage SSL
  • Lot more...!




Dedicated IP address

$5 / IP / month

One time setup: $5 / IP / month

Clientexec - Billing system

$10 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us try to explain this with an example. Say you have 4 customers. You will receive 40GB space, 4 accounts, and all other features unlimited. Now you can create two packages with 5GB space, two with 15GB space and sell the 4 accounts. Or maybe sell just one account with 40GB space.

We will still keep adding 4GB space (1GB per account) to your pool of resources every month.

As long as your existing host uses DirectAdmin, cPanel or Plesk control panels, we offer migration services free of cost. Simply open a support ticket for migration once your account gets setup and we'll guide you through the process.

In today's day and age, when it comes to resources available in a shared hosting package, we have the CPU power, we have RAM, we have the bandwidth and finally the storage as the main limiting factors for any website. Today, the technology has allowed us to see immense improvements in processor speed as well as RAM when it comes to the applications that could make use of a shared web hosting. Even the network speeds have gone to 10Gbps which is more than enough from a shared hosting perspective.

Storage however, still remains a constraint if anybody has to give literally unlimited storage.

However, over the years, we have seen that, no matter how heavy a website or web application is, and no matter how popular it is, if you have chosen to go with shared hosting, it mostly won't exceed 100GB (that too on the higher side) in today's day and age. However, nobody can predict the future.

What we have seen is, the innovation in website development technologies and their supporting infrastructure have allways happened hand in hand.

Thus, firstly in order to make sure that nobody is using the hosting account for illegitimate purposes and while at it, to also keep the legitimate users covered for future growth, we are offering a unique way of unlimited storage for every account. You would receive 100GB storage to start with, and we will keep adding 1GB space per account you resell, into your reseller account's pool of resources each and every month for as long as you continue to renew your account with us.

That is, for example, you start with 5 accounts today. One year later, you have 560GB (5 x (100GB + (1GB x 12months))) in your account an year later, 170GB two years later and so on perpetually.

Our servers are connected to atleast 1Gbps connection speeds and deployed in data centers with low latency and redundant connectivity options always available.

Every machine has a life and can break down today or tomorrow. To ensure continuity of business, we make sure to take daily backups with 30 day retention at multiple locations, so you never have to worry about loosing your data. However, while saying that, one cannot still stress as much to make sure you always maintain your own backups as well.