About Us

About Us

The leadership team at 0frills has been in the web hosting industry now for more than 25 years and have seen the technology move from the traditional shared hosting to cloud. However, we have realised, that for a personal website or a small business owner, when you get bombarded with all the techy jargons of the hosting industry, it just confuses you more. Thus 0frills is born to make your decision easy, cut the frills and simply get your website online.

  • Made for multiple websites

    We know that everyone wants to simply manage everything from one place. So your one account can host all your websites

  • Only the "0 plan" always

    We will only offer one plan which is our "0 plan" so you can easily decide your hosting package and focus on your website only

  • Too much traffic never a challenge

    We won't be limiting your website's traffic ever so you don't have to begin filtering your website's traffic